First on Scene

Specialized Training for Responders
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  • Our Training Philosophy

    Education is measured in skill not hours.

    As Emergency Service professional we understand the importance of high value training. The jobs are challenging and the margin for error is extremely low. It can also be difficult to keep up with the sheer volume of knowledge that is expected of Responders. Situational awareness, changing medical directives, chemical hazards and relevant legislation. All while responding to calls and with limited training opportunities.

    To overcome these obstacles we believe using technology in training holds the key. By blending online and traditional in class sessions we can free responders to learn theory when it is convenient and confirm these skills in class.

Courses Offered

  • Standard First Aid for Responders

    WSIB Approved Standard First Aid with a emphasis on the skills need for First Response.

  • Hazmat Awareness

    NFPA 472 Hazmat Awareness to prepare for transportation or industrial accidents

  • MVC and Radioactive Waste

    With increasing shipments of waste in the province this 3 hour course will cover government publication and general guidelines for dealing with these incidents.

  • Custom Training Solutions

    Working together to address specific hazards in each community.